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Andy Said:

homework help . please read . please . please . please ?? :D?

We Answered:

ok, I'm going to be nice, just because I wish I'd been allowed to do a Stonehenge project as school, instead of dull 'Canada's fur trade.'
1. Stonehenge is not Britain's only stone circle; it is one of about a thousand. However, it is a hybrid in its shape and form--there is no other exactly like it. It is the only stone circle that has lintels and huge inner trilithons. It is also the only one where the stones have been definitely shaped. It is essentially woodworking in stone.
2. The midwinter solstice sun started its descent througfh the purple twilight sky. Slowly the red ball of fire entered the arch of the Great Trilithon, shining on the green block of the Altar Stone that stood upright before it, almost human-shaped in the gathering shadows. The shaman of the tribe appeared from behind the bluestones that held the spirits of the tribe's ancestors and began to invoke the sun with wild gestures and dances, asking it to return again, to grow stronger with each passing day and chase winter's death-bringing bleakness away. his face was painted white with chalk,like a skull; bone points clattered on his long robe of tanned hide. Behind him the tribe's chief came to witness the death and rebirth of the sun; he was a tallish man wearing a woven cloak and tunic, with a golden lozenge sewn to the front and a short bronze dagger at his waist.He held a stone mace,highly polished, in his hand. He bowed as the sun hovered over the great Altar Stone...and then fell away into red darkness. Outside the circle, where the ordinary tribesfolk waited, not allowed to enter the sacred area, there was shouting and singing and the beating of drums. The sun was dead for the year...but it would rise again

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