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Grade 1 English Worksheets

Bobbie Said:

English Help!Desperately needed?

We Answered:

I myself am not entirely sure, but I understand your problem my answers would be as follows
9-B orC
feel free to compare with other answers and take what seems right to you :)

Nathan Said:

Need help on 7th grade honors English worksheet!?

We Answered:

1. Cerro Aconcagua, a mountain in Argentina. It's 22,841 ft. above sea level.
2. Exterior partition. It doesn't exactly mean 'outside of', but it means an outer wall.

Brittany Said:

Teacher pressing political views?

We Answered:

Why are you telling us?!

Take it to your principal.

Take it to your school board.


Ellen Said:

10th grade school supply list?

We Answered:

Sounds good, a planner and calender is also good. Plenty of extra lead, erasers so you don't run you pencils out so bad that you can no longer use them because you can't get the eraser out. Get a set of dividers for each binder to be more organized, tests, notes, marked assignments, exam prep ect. a lot of stuff won't be done in a notebook. Post its and tabs are good for marking off sections, accordion style folder could be a good replacement for a folder for each class and much easier to organize and keep dry just in case. Buy pens in bulk I buy 3 boxes of the normal color I use (blue) and one of black and red for correction and editing, pencil crayons and markers, scissors and glue for projects it's always good to have your own especially when you have to do homework teachers don't take the "I didn't have the supplies" excuse to well it ends in a 15 minute lecture on being prepared.....and okay I've said enough I can't think og anything

ps. decent pocket dividers are larger then zip up binders mine stuck out and when I zipped it up it folded all my paper and eventually after having to zip it up 2 times ruined one of my zippers and never left my shelf all year long so be careful

Wade Said:

ninth grade english, i'm stuck! :P?

We Answered:

1. The nights were clear and the sky was full of stars. (makes a nice sentence by adding the conjunction.)

2. Wendy planned to read her notes one more time, so she studied for an extra hour. (hey...another great single sentence with a conjunction added!)

I have combined each clause into one sentence, in each case, by adding a conjunction.

Do you still need more help? I can give you some practice sentences.

Combine these into one sentence.
1. The dog was barking
a cat was looking in at the window

2. The firemen fled
the wall began to collapse

3. You need to do your homework
your teacher says you need to get an "A" on this test

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