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Ged Math Worksheets

Felix Said:

teens: if u are good in math do u have any tips for someone who is struggling with it?

We Answered:

oh man... i had to have a 500 to pass mine, well the practice test. i dunoo if you already kno or not but the stuff they need you to kno in order to pass is on

it explains what youre supposed to do..... i was having major problems with stupid fractions... everyone says theyre easy but eh i jus cant seem to get it. i made such a low score when i first took it and i jus made a bunch of notes to study from the chapter outlines. it really helped me to get the exact 500 i needed.
good luck :]

Joyce Said:

I need help in math............?

We Answered:

I suggest going to a bookstore. It might be hard for you to navigate a bookstore so ask for help, most highschool drop outs never used the library so this might be a new venture for you.

Bookstores have many practice books or you could just go to and search for HIGHSCHOOL MATH PRACTICE.

Good luck.

Herman Said:

What type of Math questions are going to be on the GED?

We Answered:

Your local library probably also has study guides you could borrow.

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