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Fun Worksheets For Kids

Margie Said:

Need advice of elementary school teacher or someone who's good with kids?

We Answered:

No offence, but didn't you have to do this sort of thing while going to school to get a teaching degree? Are you really sure you want to be a teacher? Perhaps you should look into teaching high school? is a site that my 6 year old like to go to and also… is another place. Even if you google it, you will come up with a wide variety of ideas. Glad you are trying!

Allan Said:

Fun Ideas to keep kids brains going during the summer?

We Answered:

one thing my mother always encouraged us to do during the summer was make a scrap book. she'd take us to the wall mart and we'd pick out large note books that can be used as scrap books. and every time we went somewhere intresting or did something fun we wrote and drew and stuck things down. and cut up flyers from theam parks and annotated the maps and that sort of thing.

Albert Said:

How do you feel about MONTESSORI school?

We Answered:

There are two issues here. Sitting and doing formal academics is not appropriate for a three year old. Your day care provider has no idea what constitutes a proper curriculum, and her coercive attitude is going to help your child dislike school. I'd find him another program, Montessori or not.
As to Montessori, it's fine for some kids and stifling for others. Yes, kids have a wide variety of activities to chose from. However, many of the materials must be used in just one way. For instance, the blocks for the tower are to be handled and stacked vertically from largest to smallest. A child who is experimenting with balancing the big block on the little one will be gently redirected. Liquids are to be poured from pitcher to bowl in a very precise manner. Some children find this formal approach stifling. Also, Montessori does not encourage fantasy play, and the schedule includes little time for children to play in groups and learn cooperative play. There is a great deal of emphasis on working independently.
Montessori has some real strengths in terms of academics and learning self reliance. However, it is not for every child.If I were you I would go visit a variety of programs and then decide which is the best fit for my child.

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