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Fun Math Worksheets

Viola Said:

Does anybody know a best free, no virus website that contains worksheets for kindergarteners? I really need to?

We Answered:

Do a simple google search for "kindergarten worksheets" and you will find an abundance of websites! There are too many to name!! :)

Travis Said:

Does anyone know where I can find this math worksheet?

We Answered:

If you look at the bottom of the file, there's a link which has more ( Unfortunately the sheets look less "fun" as the grade level increases, and by the time fractions are introduced at grade 4, the sheets seem fairly plain.

Juan Said:

where can i find math materials for "bell work" for HS aged students in an alternative school?

We Answered:

I am not finding much without actually buying a book. Here are some suggestions:

Put a couple problems on the overhead (just for something different).

If you have access to powerpoint, make a few slides and them have it go as a continuous loop. As the kids come in they start on the work. It is different; grabs the attention more.

Look for tips in the teachers manual that go with each chapter. Put little activities on the board that are using the current subjects.

You can pick up books at local groceries that have number problems. They are challenging, but help with understanding how numbers work.

A lot of kids really like Soduko. While it is logic, this can aid in their math reasoning.

Clarence Said:

Math problem! 10 points ASAP for a short question?

We Answered:

Good luck~!

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