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French Worksheets For Kids

Raul Said:

Tips on becoming a tutor?

We Answered:

Tell everyone you know that you are looking for tutoring work. Also, it is really difficult to find people to help French Immersion students. Contact the school French Immersion elementary school near you and let the French Immersion teachers know that you are looking to tutor. As a French Immersion teacher, I am often asked by parents if I know of any tutors who can help their child with French reading or writing. I often don't know of anyone. Therefore, I am sure that the teachers would love to have a name that they can give out. Good luck!

Felicia Said:

Anyone here agree there is no such thing as natural gifted intellect and only interest?

We Answered:

If you are really intelligent, then you realize at sometime in your life, the more you think you know, the less you really know. And then you begin to question what you have been taught. Take history for example, whose history is it that you are being taught? And history has a way of getting tainted by the teller of history. So you get A's in a subject but the premise could be completely incorrect.

What I have noticed, it is the teacher that can motivate your grades. A good teacher makes the subject interesting and makes you want to learn it. Plus if you already have an interest in the subject, it makes you want to learn more about it.

There are many things that are taught that are completely incorrect but we accept theory for fact.

Melvin Said:

Tips on becoming a tutor?

We Answered:

Be as friendly as possible and don't act too formal. Be casual and treat them like your friend, that way they will be less shy to ask questions. Don't use complex language and instead of teaching them out of hte textbook, use other methods of teaching so they will get it.

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