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Free Worksheets For 2nd Grade

Jean Said:

Eight grade, online, printable worksheets with answer key?

We Answered:

not too sure where to find problems....... but if you type in a problem at it will give correct answer so you can check your work. so if you can find problems then there you can get the answers

Sam Said:

Grade 11 Biology (DNA)?

We Answered:

1. gene
2. RNA polymerase II
3. numbers and order

Dora Said:

What's the best homeschooling website?

We Answered:

[email protected]

These two sites are written by the same Moms.I have found them to be the best they actually homeschool their kids.There are several others too.but they are not written by home school educators.
These sites have areas that encompass all grades and even places for extra help & questions. They also screen other sites and reccomend the good ones .

I have also signed up for some really great classes on <http:/>

My son is testing post high school in most subjects and is in the 4th grade.I like to keep his mind challenged and seems to do the trick too.He loves the classes and thinks the ones on [email protected] are great.They have kits for free also just pay for S&H.
Best wishes !!!

Tiffany Said:

How can I start preparing myself for Algebra 2 Trig?

We Answered:

Just pay attention in class, don't slack off, and do your homework.

You should do some Algebra 1 to refresh your memory, but look ahead for Algebra 2 only. Because Algebra 2 is different from Algebra 1.

And I'm hoping you don't get a lazy teacher. Because if you do, your whole math year is gonna be f*cked up. Like me, I should have switched teachers in the beginning, I now regret having to retake that class in College.

Jeff Said:

Can anyone recommend websites for logical thinking skills for a 1-2nd grade levels?

We Answered:

I'm not sure what you mean by logical thinking skills. There are several good free websites for lots of worksheets for that age. Go to google and type in "free worksheets for 2nd grade" and you'll have tons of worksheets to wade through. Good luck.

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