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Free Science Worksheets

Connie Said:

Free year 11 and year 12 PDF worksheets for Science - Biology...?

We Answered:

Here you go :)…

Carolyn Said:

Free general science lessons/worksheets?

We Answered:

You'd be better off looking under the subject headings - animal classification, earth science, simple machines, astronomy, botany, etc. You'll need to do some searching on these, but if you type in the subject heading and "lesson plan" into your search bar, you'll come up with all sorts of stuff.

You'll be able to find worksheets, lesson plans, research materials, links for further research, and helpful explanations.

You won't find an actual curriculum, as it's still so general at that stage. Each school district and curriculum provider has their own scope and sequence, so the free stuff is a supplement to that. (Also, anyone who's taken the time to put a full curriculum together is going to want money for it.) I've been looking ahead though, as my son will be starting general science next spring, and if you're willing to dig through the sites there's some really great stuff there.

If you look on the Apologia site at the different courses, they have the table of contents for General and Physical Science online. This will give you a great jumping-off point, sort of a scope and sequence of what to research. As far as free goes, I think this would be your best bet. Here are the links:………

Hope that helps!

Megan Said:

Hi, I work as an elementary science teacher, what would be the best free websites for worksheets?

We Answered:

Earl Said:

What are good websites for finding free science worksheets/curriclums?

We Answered:……

These are all free resources. They reach all age/grade groups. Have fun.

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