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Free Printable Worksheets

Jack Said:

What sites do you like for free printable worksheets?

We Answered:

We've worked with

just for the fun of it since my daughter goes to school already, but for boring rainy weekends these are good enough.

Edit...also &

Marjorie Said:

Free printable worksheets and lectures?

We Answered:

You might try for free printables. There are quite a few free resources there. Hope this helps!!

Lynn Said:

What are some websites i can go on for free printable worksheets or coloring pages?

We Answered:…

Marian Said:

Where can i find FREE printable worksheets online for 1-2 grade kids for my little sister to do at home?

We Answered:… is good. It is a pay site, but it offers many for free. Also, I like. is a site my 6 year old loves, too.…

are all sites she like, too.

Ann Said:

Where can I find free printable spanish worksheets?

We Answered:

What kind of work sheet?


John Said:

Free printable worksheets on the following subjects, any ideas?

We Answered:

Hi Dandan,
If you Google 'Punctuation Rules' you will find most everything you need about punctuation and there are also links to other interesting material including Grammar.

By Mechanics, do you mean mechanics in general or Auto Mechanics? if the latter, then if you google 'Auto mechanics' this should provide you with general information.

Another search that might be useful is How Engines Work?

Hope this helps.

Kay Said:

I have a 4th grader thats having problems in school , I am looking for free printable worksheets?

We Answered:

On what subjects?

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