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Free Printable Math Worksheets

James Said:

Good free printable worksheets for a 7th grader?

We Answered:

I use it has printable worksheets that are good.

Clara Said:

math worksheets?????????

We Answered:

try this site it's help you a lot

Sandra Said:

Free math worksheets?

We Answered:

This website has practice tests!!!

Emma Said:

what are some good math sites?

We Answered:

There really arent any. You kind of have to just google specific topics and look at all pages that come up, hoping to find something that is thorough, explanatory, etc.

Most places either baby-talk you to boredom or are so technical that you have to already know the material to understand it. Either way, if you manage to read it all, you wouldnt have learned anything you didnt already know. Some sites will use subsequent concepts and ideas from later-learned genres of mathematics to explain the relatively trivial...

The question then arises, if you are that good already, why would you even be looking this up? And if youre not that good already, how is the site useful in the slightest?

If the level of math is low enough, you will likely find yourself on a paid-for-access tutoring site. If the level of math is high enough, you will likely find yourself on a paid-for-access academic site or be referred to a book at amazon or an academic journal of sorts

Believe me, I am a mathematics major and I am very very disappointed with the available online resources. Education, particularly in mathematics, isnt promoted too greatly on a free forum... possibly because no one who knows it enough to teach it is willing to without making a profit. And everyone is just plain too stupid and doesnt know it.

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