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Free 1st Grade Worksheets

Herbert Said:

Websites for free gradeschool worksheets?

We Answered:

Here are several good websites for worksheets. (They have some free worksheets and for a small fee you can have access to the whole site.) (They also have some free worksheets and for a fee you can have access to the whole site.) (Terrific craft website for grade school age)

Hope this helps you.

Florence Said:

What are some good websites to get free homeschool worksheets and stuff like that?

We Answered:

Please don't think I am a resource genius, its just that someone else asked a question like this several weeks ago and I was so thrilled with all the resources that I printed the answers.
Some of these are totally free, some have a mixture of free resources and those that you purchase, and some are basically on-line catalogs, where you have to pay for everything. Some are more craft oriented, some are on-line learning games for the child to play, and some are printable worksheets, some are Christian, some secular. They are all worth checking out. Have fun!

Explore and have fun.

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