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Fourth Grade Worksheets

Leon Said:

I need some links, please?

We Answered:

I have just the thing... you can even tailor some worksheets exactly the way you want to generate them. Try:…

Rose Said:

8th Grade worksheet help!?

We Answered:

The difference of two numbers is 12, and 7 times the smaller exceeds the greater by 30. Find the numbers.
I like to set up a simple T chart, with larger number on one ide and smaller number on the other side. I set up a series of variables which match one of the equations and then start working through them to fit the second equation. In this case, the larger number is 19 and the smaller number is 7.

2. The sum of two numbers is 44, and their difference is three/ fourths the smaller number. Find the numbers.

3. Divide 43 into two parts such that if the greater be added to the 17, and the less to 30, the resulting numbers shall be equal.

4. Twice a certain number exceeds 35 by the same amount that on-third the number exceeds 5. Find the numbers.

Gwendolyn Said:

4th Grade Homework Help!!!!?

We Answered:

chute - te + m = chum ( friend )

Hope this helps

Katherine Said:

Does anyone know a good website to find free grammar worksheets?

We Answered:

The enchanted learning site is not quite free - I think it costs about $20 - but it is well worth the investment and you will most likely find everything you need there. Here are a few links that may be of help.

Bob Said:

where can i find fourth grade geometrical figure worksheets?

We Answered:

You can find a fourth grade geometrical figure worksheet in a book called "Everything You Need to Know About Math Homework" by Anne Zeman and Kate Kelly. It's a desk reference for students and parents. It's for Grades 4 through Grade 6. You can try to buy this at or another bookstore.

Kristin Said:

Needing help with scrambled spelling words, please?

We Answered:

1. kittens
2. asking
3. hatless
4. replay or player
5. grinning
6. careful
7. fastest
8. traffic
9. patches

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