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Fourth Grade Math Worksheets

Angel Said:

Chances of getting into Ivy League, i.e. Princeton?

We Answered:

I'll assume you mean fourth quarter, not semester. Weighted GPAs are meaningless; every high school has a different system. That's why colleges ask for unweighted. When it comes to activities, quality over quantity - they'd rather see one fantastic activity than someone joining every club there is. Being Asian won't help you, but probably won't hurt you much either (they have a ton of great Asian students applying, no affirmative action there). The schools you mentioned often turn down 4.0 students and valedictorians. To have a better-than-10% chance of getting in, you need to find a way to stand out. And certainly don't be lazy - colleges don't want to see that.

Kyle Said:

Please Help! Have I failed my brother?

We Answered:

Sounds like you are the very best big sis a guy could have. You care and that's the first step,now get your entire family into a meeting and talk it out! Some one needs to be helping this child each night. You all show an interest and I promise he will do much better. If each of you take an afternoon or evening to offer him an hour,it will pick back up.Kids are great how they can grasp things that interest them.Get things he likes,candy pieces,(wraped in paper),tell him if he can count them,he can have them or you will ride bikes with him,offer something he enjoys as his reward.You are really great to be so concerned,please take heart,he's young and with you on his side,he can do anything. Just make sure you have all his homework papers to be able to help him get caught up. Best wishes hon.

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