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Following Directions Worksheet

Gladys Said:

I need help with a geography question on this worksheet im doing?

We Answered:

seems like a no brainer, but I would guess it would be answer D. That one makes the most sense

Allan Said:

Interactive game for children on following directions?

We Answered:

Simon Says- can be very active outside, or 'quiet' inside even seated at a desk

Debbie Said:

chemistry nuclear decay worksheet help?

We Answered:

1. 26 H

2. 66 H

Vincent Said:

How would I solve the following math equations 8(4u-1)-12u=11(2u-6) and -5-(15y-1)=2(7y-16)-y ?

We Answered:

Start with distributive properties
32u - 8 - 12u = 22u - 66 Combine like terms
20u - 8 = 22u - 66 Subtract 20u from each side
-8 = 2u - 66 Add 66 to both sides
58 = 2u
u = 29

George Said:

HEY EVERYONE I need help with this biology worksheet?

We Answered:

Point mutation (because only one is changed).

Christine Said:

Periodic Table of Elements Worksheet- Help please?

We Answered:

I had this same worksheet... and you have the same ones I couldn't figure out either.
1) Argon
2) Gold (globe Theatre)
3) Cicium
6) Radium
8) Bromine
10) Uranium

Melinda Said:

Help me find this elementary school worksheet - Graph Drawings?

We Answered:

Do you have a spreadsheet program? You can make them yourself.

I had to make all of my own because there were none that I could find for free. If my old IMac was working, I could e-mail them to you, but I am a PC person since I retired :-{

You can adjust the size of the grids and label the bottom and left columns yourself.

Print one out, draw your design and write your own directions.

I even made seek and finds with a spreadsheet program. You add the words that you want first,save as the answer key, then print it out, Add extra letters around in the blanks and print the list of words on the side or underneath.

Good luck.

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