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First Grade Worksheets

Francisco Said:

Where can i find free first grade worksheets?

We Answered:

The website has lots of free worksheets organized by grade level and subjects. If your looking for reading and language practice the website is a great website for kids to use to help with reading skills. It teaches all of the reading skills a 1st grader would need in a way that kids enjoy without using a worksheet.

Kathleen Said:

where can i get first grade language worksheets on puncuation?

We Answered:

try http://www.discoverylearningconnection.c… they have links to other sights that may carry english worksheets but if not they still have tons of educational movies for kids in k-12 so you still get usful stuff for teaching.

Mabel Said:

I am homeschooling my son who's in the first grade?

We Answered: is my favorite place for free worksheets, lesson plans and curriculum ideas.

21st Century Lifestyles and Careers sounds like a fancy way of saying Social Studies in my opinion. I think an overview of types of careers would satisfy the requirement. For example teaching, government jobs, computer jobs, manual labor, nurses/doctors and office jobs. Your local library probably has all kinds of books on any of these. Afterall, it's just first grade :-)

Have fun with it. Take your child to visit a firestation, candy stripers at the hospital or even just interview the lady that rings up your groceries (when she's not busy of course). Have dress up day and dress up in various career uniforms - UPS guy, doctor, police man. Ask him what he wants to be when he grows up and why.

These are just some of my ideas. I hope they helped.

Katie Said:

contraction lessons for first grade?

We Answered:

here's a song they can learn
Sung to the tune of Mr. Sandman.

Mr. Contraction, what do you do?
I make one new word by squeezing up two.
I squeeze so hard, I pop out some letters.
Well, that's okay, it makes contractions better.
But now there is a hole you can see.
I need to fill it up with an apostrophe.
Don't forget this special hook
It completes your contraction's great look.

here's a website you can look at:…

Ramon Said:

1st grade printable math and reading worksheets?

We Answered: - you can also connect to different websites through them.

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