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First Grade Reading Worksheets

Katie Said:

How do I get my son to put forth effort in the classroom?

We Answered:

My daughter was moved up a grade in the middle of her 1st grade year. That was a much needed move because she was flying through the work and was always the first one done. The work was correct, so I didn't feel the need to have her slow down. When she entered 3rd grade at age 8, I think she felt she had something to prove. She was a little younger the rest, and she was used to being the first oen done -- she off she flew! And the work wasn't always correct. It took a while to get her to realize that you don't have to be the fastest person in class to have the most correct answers. That helped a little, but instead of punishing her for the lower grades for fast work, I encouraged her with rewards for properly completed work.

The first answer is great. It's exactly what I would have written had he not submitted it first. :o) Explain to him, on his level, what's going on. Discuss his actions...and then the natural repercussions that happen at school. And then let him know how that will affect him at home. Then explain the steps needed to correct the behavior/work at school. Write out a few, important steps that he can visualize. Not too many - you don't want to overwhelm him. Then reward him for each step mastered. Maybe a small reward (whatever is important to him) for each step, and then a bigger reward when the hard work manifests itself on his next report card.

Some answers said not to give him anything. At his age, I think it's okay. But don't make it candy....or money. Make it a reward of something he doesn't ever get to do. You can even make the rewards educational. For example - he met the first goal! Does he like animals? Arrange for him to spend the day with a veterinarian. Does he like space? Let him take a trip and tour of a local observatory or planetarium. The trick is to make the reward something he'll remember. $5.00 for a good grade will get spent on candy and forgotten the next day. Take pictures of his "rewards" and make a scrapbook. Giving him something to look back on can also be used as encouragement for good behavior in the future!

Terry Said:

How to challenge a gifted first-grader?

We Answered:

it's really great that you're concerned. if they're bored for too long they'll hate school forever and that's a big reason why there's a connection between alcoholism and intelligence.. boredom in school leads to laziness, failure, behavioral problems and depression and many other problems.

besides giving them more challenging work, try talking to the parents and recommend an IQ test. like if you really think they're gifted. because that would open a lot of doors and potentially keep them interested in school when they otherwise wouldn't be.. imean, more is at stake than u think

it also wouldn't hurt to introduce them to wikipedia OR wikipedia in simple english (maybe better for a first grader -- but it depends on their intellectual level).

ugh and please DONT make them tutor other students. that's not a good idea. being a student is about absorbing info and improving abilities. tutoring is a terrible waste of the child's precious time while their mind is still so malleable.

one more thing: take a look at their standardized test scores. im not sure where u are, but in many states a reading and math grade level is listed on standardized test result summaries. try bumping them up to books/math problems at whatever grade level they're listed at. this is harder to do for math than reading, but u can also recommend personal tutoring to the parents so that they can go on an advanced math track.

there are many many programs for gifted kids. some are more real than others (every parent wants to think their child is gifted, so more and more "gifted" programs have been popping up in recent yrs). for that reason u should do a lot of research before recommending programs.


sorry i couldn't ansewr ur question about learning centers/project ideas, im not a teacher or anything, i just have a little experience in this area. hope it helps

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