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First Grade Math Worksheets

Debra Said:

8th grade math homework help?

We Answered:


well i kinda have two way to do it.., but its not FOIL.

have you tried the box way? or the rainbow way?


X * X=X^2
X*-3= -3x

and i got x^2-3x-6x+18

and by adding lightterms.. its


hope i helped.

Alan Said:

Help with 7th Grade Math Homework? SOMEONE EXPERIENCED IN MATH, PLEASE!?

We Answered:

Your daughter would be wise to recall her Grade 1 desk with the number line. Your daughter will need to draw number lines to answer these questions.

3/41: Write down #'s 1 to 41 between a BIG ZERO and a ONE. Place 3 on the number line. It is very close to the ZERO

-8/9: Count/write down #'s 9 to 1 between a BIG MINUS 1 and a ZERO. Place 8 on the number line. It is very close to the MINUS ONE.

-8/38: Count/write down #'s 38 to 1 between a BIG MINUS 1 and a ZERO. Place 8 on the number line. It is much closer to the ZERO than it is to the halfway point.

Your daughter already knows how to work a number line. She just forgot about it. Put her to work on this. Over time, she should be able to visualize the # on the line WITHOUT writing it down. That's the point of this exercise.


Arnold Said:

7th grade math please?

We Answered:

for 32% of 46, I'd use 10%.
10% of 46 = 4.6.
20% of 46 = 9.2
30% of 46 = 13.8

Therefore I'd estimate that 32% of 46 is 14.

Jean Said:

8th grade remedial math help?

We Answered:

?The first two problems are physics problems that can be solved with the equation:

??Dy = {½ • g • t²} + {(Viy) • t} + Diy

?where Dy is the vertical end position = 13 ft (in the 1st case) and 10 ft (in the 2nd case).

????Viy is the vertical component of the initial vertical velocity

????Diy is the initial height

??and?g = -9.8 m/sec²?=?-32 ft/sec²

?You'll end up with a quadratic equation for both problems.
?Solve for "t" and choose the correct answer (on the way up or on the way down).
?Remember the units are British.

????????????6 + 2x??????????
??????????|5?????????????|??????5 + 2x
???????????????????????????? ???????|
???????????????????????????? ?x????

?????Total Area = (6 + 2w) • (5 + 2w) = 72 yd²

?????Total Area = 4w² + 22w + 30 = 72

????????????4w² + 22w ? 42 = 0

???????????(2w + 14) • (2w ? 3) = 0

???????w = 1.5 yds?and?w = -7 ft (discard)

????????????w = 1.5 yds

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