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Fifth Grade Worksheets

Peggy Said:

I need some free Fifth Grade Math worksheets, where can I get this?

We Answered:

Here are a few website you could try:………

Stacy Said:

I don't want to do the fifth grade over

We Answered:

Have him checked with his Pediatrician to see if you are dealing with learning problems or ADD. also the stress of doing things right all the time, makes kids nervous and gittery. the problem may well be you, try a paid tutor. The Sylvan Learning Center is great for kids. Used it for one child out of 5. the center was a life saver and they run diagnostic tests. my son had a learning problem. what threw everyone was he was and is, a math WiZ. he can add multiply devide all in his head at accellerated math. he was given his own space, and it threw all of us off thinking him lazy and not understanding the level of his disability. he graduated high school! I can honestly say that I was not sure he'd make it out of grade school. 4 of the kids prior to him had mad eit. my days, much like yours, were spent spinning my wheels with what to do.frustrated and angry. Now with the net we can connect people so much easier....Good luck! hug your son and tell him you will help him through this troubling time. he must feel just as bad as you that he can't perform and is not "getting things" I know this must break your heart, he's your child and needs help.

Maxine Said:

Fifth Grade Spelling Worksheets?

We Answered:

IF you go to, you can type in their spelling list, or look up the teacher name, and they have games and activities that use those words. She can also take practice tests.

Frederick Said:

I need help!!! {math}?

We Answered:

God will make sure you get your staright A's just keep the faith in Him. and I am so proud to hear such a young person wanting to get straight a's. Your a good inspiration for that. Read St.John cahpter 3
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever beliveded on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life!

Terri Said:

Should I bother talking to my teachers about this? Please answer!?

We Answered:

If you're polite, respectful and succinct there's rarely any downside to having a talk with a teacher. And, if you don't ask, you don't get.

Re the math issue, you could tell the teacher that you appreciate how thoroughly she covers the material and how well she explains things, but that you seem to be somewhat ahead of the class. Tell her you appreciate that it would mean more work for her, but would it be possible for her to assign you supplemental math (you'd still do her regular assignments) or advise you how to be reconsidered for the advanced class (just make sure you want that).

Re the social issue, use the tact you demonstrate above. Tell the teacher you don't mind working with him on occasion but after two years of being partnered with him you'd like to try working with other people. You don't even have to mention his behavior or whether he's able to handle the work; the teacher probably is fully aware of his abilities.

Good luck!

Karl Said:

Is sex ed different when it's taught coed in biology?

We Answered:

it's probably less "Sex is an expression of love and passion and blah blah blah" and more "sperm fertilizes egg. cytotsis occurs. cell division. wah-lah."

it won't be too awkward.

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