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Everyday Math Worksheets

Ian Said:

Is someone really good at algebra 2? I need help and willing to pay.?

We Answered:

3x^2 = 6x = 27. What's with the 2 = signs?

Manuel Said:

How can i find information about 'free math worksheet' ?

We Answered:

my high school children work on the site below but it is a paid subscription.

i recently came across this site

well. try and print for them everyday. but 15 minutes is maximum. they will said i am tired of course.

Katrina Said:

I need help organizing my binders for school?

We Answered:

It's terrific to see someone focused on math and science!

Most instructors use a syllabus for teaching and testing.They tend to not skip around, but teach sequentially. Hence, here are two suggestions for organizing your binders. Binders can be organized according to how you are being graded: Notes, Classwork, Homework, and Special Assignments/Topics. Many instructors prefer this method.

However, I found that as an instructor and as a student, the easiest way to organize my course binders is the second method - by date. This can be utilized even when you take notes on paper...simply date each page (a uniform heading in the upper corner of the page helps) and identify it as classwork (CW), homework (HW), etc. I found that if I took notes in longhand in class (I used yellow legal pads) and went back and typed them up that evening (it takes a little more time), they were easier to read...and I retained the material much better. Once the notes were typed, I simply added them to the binder...earlier dates in front with later dates following. Keeping classwork and homework together by dates helps with the natural flow of studying. You don't have to flip back and forth between the two sections, which causes confusion.

The trick to remember is to date everything and number your notes pages (1,2 3, etc.) when organizing.

Hope that this helps, and good luck.

Jeremy Said:

TEENS: How do I survive this annoying math teacher??!!?

We Answered:

You only get him 1 time a week. Get over it.

Just do his work, and get out.

Laurie Said:

i got in trouble in math today?

We Answered:

Don't worry about your high school teacher , its the college ones that count. For whatever reason your teacher felt they needed to discipline you. As long as you know what's going on and you feel it is a legitimate reason, that's all that matters. Quite frankly if you didn't know how to do your homework, id say that's your teachers fault. Overall once your older this will seem like nothing so don't fret about it

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