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English Worksheet For Kids

Hector Said:

Kids rhyme sheet, english?

We Answered:

#3 is book nook

Ruby Said:

Tips for teaching kids english?

We Answered:

Role play and Story boards are always a favourite activity for kids. You could draw a simple story board and get small groups to create a story and en act it. If you not very good at english just show a series of photos of someone buying something and get them to write a script.
Role plays can be based around everyday task or act out simple story they all know.
I have also added a good website for flash cards and worksheets.

Lena Said:

How do I make a really good worksheet?

We Answered:

I teach 2nd grade in New York State, and I always try to keep my worksheets simple and organized. Pictures that go along with the theme of the sheet are always a good idea, especially for those that are struggling to read! Also, make sure that the print is a reasonable size. Try not to have too many different things going on on one sheet. For example, I covered addition, then gave addition sheets. Then I covered subtraction and only gave subtractions sheets. I didn't mix the two until both types of problems had been mastered separately. The same goes for grammar - we worked separately on each topic (nouns, adjectives, verbs, ect) until they were mastered before diagraming an entire sentence.

I've gotten worksheets off of and several others that I found using google.

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