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English Grammar Worksheets

Peter Said:

Could you please help me with English grammar? Thanks so much!?

We Answered:

I need to select proper clothing for school.
Fishnet stockings are provocative and not appropriate for class.

Why did the cow want a divorce?
She had a bum steer.
(The answer is a joke, specifically a pun: it plays on different meanings of the word "steer," and of "bum" as well. A steer is a castrated bull raised for its meat.)

All three are correct:
I went to the doctor.
I saw the doctor.
I went to see the doctor.

It is correct to say: Could you please tell me how students are eligible to receive computers for the school year?

Sherry Said:

I am teaching English to a six year old and I was wondering if I could find on the internet some textbook?

We Answered:

At age six? They probably don't need a textbook. Grab a picture dictionary and go through it with them to help them learn vocabulary. Get some flashcards and play memory, or put paperclips on them and make a magnet "fishing rod" to play games.

Kids need games. Use the language in action. If you're reading a story, point out the pictures and name some of them. (Bear in mind that if their language level is low, they may not understand the story and get impatient. They'll want to look at the pictures, which is fine. Just point things out to them. If something turns up more than once, ask, "Where's the cat?" and then point to it, "It's the cat!")

A young child, especially one who is just starting out, will benefit more from a more free-form class. Basically, play with them. You speak English. If they talk to you in their native language, try to understand and repeat the message in English. For example, if you see them pointing to a teddy bear and saying something, ask, "Do you want the teddy bear?" If they nod, hand it to them. "It's a teddy bear."

Kids learn the names of things really quickly. You can also have them color pictures of familiar objects. For example, bring in some very simple pictures of dogs. Bring a couple of sets of crayons. Give them one of the pictures. Say, "Let's color the dog." Take yours and start coloring it. "My dog is brown. What color is your dog?" Have a look. "Oh, your dog is yellow." Coloring is a great way to learn the colors.

After awhile you can ask them to hand you crayons. "Blue, please." It will take awhile, and you might need to point, but they'll get the hang of it.

Have fun.

Manuel Said:

Are there any grammar worksheets with answers to practice?

We Answered:

I admire your positive attitude and your acceptance and willingness to fill identified gaps. You will likely do very well in college and beyond with those characteristics.

Since you are in the remedial courses, ask your teacher for additional resources to do some self-study. If you have another chance to take the test see if any of your past teachers might loan you or even give you some materials.

If that doesn't work, go to your nearest teacher supply business. Most contain workbooks for English grammar. Tell them you specifically need grammar materials for self-study. You should also try to get a textbook on English grammar. Not knowing what you missed on the test, I cannot say at what level you should start.

Also, check your library there at school. If it has a teacher education department, it will have textbooks in the library.

Good luck, and remember, we are all learners, forever.

Francis Said:

how can I improve my english? does anybody learn english as a second language?

We Answered:

besides studying the grammar in school, i started by reading a lot of novels in english. when i was a bit more fluent i started watching movies and tv shows in english with italian subtitles and then english subs. what really worked for me though was talking to mother tongues! i have many american friends (and even american boyfriend lol) so i speak english for at least an hour every day. constant practice really works! good luck!

Georgia Said:

How can I improve my english? any person or people who are learning english or native speakers?

We Answered:

Talking to native english speakers definitely helps. As well as watching movies in english.
Another really good way is to read books in english. Something of course, that's interesting for you. That is a good and easy way of learning grammar and vocabulary.
If you read a lot and talk to people it shouldn't take to long to get good at it!

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