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English Grammar Worksheet

Marie Said:

I need some help on a grammar worksheet for college english...?

We Answered:

1. This is plural, so you use 'have' as in 'they have'
2. Again, assignments is plural so you use 'there are'
3. This one is tricky. The referent here is 'the number' not 'people' so it is singular - the number defies.
4. Home economics is the name of a high school level course and if it is used in that context, it is singular. Home economics, as it refers to what is practised in homes across the nation, is a plural word that covers cooking, sewing, cleaning, budgeting, etc.etc. so in that context, it is plural.
It's hard to say exactly which usage is meant in this sentence, but I would opt for the plural and say 'home economics involve' but you could equally well argue for 'home economics involves' depending on the paragraph in which this sentence is embedded.
5. Well, this sentence is wrong. If you want to indicate there were different kinds of exotic fruit, you would have to say 'Among the exotic fruits at the market were kumquats and casaba melons.' Among the exotic fruit doesn't make sense because 'fruit' is not one of those words that is both singular and plural, like 'moose' is. More than one fruit is referred to as 'fruits'

I'm not going to check your next one - the secret to these is to figure out EXACTLY which word the verb is acting with, and match the singular and plural forms.

Alicia Said:

Can u tell me the website where i can find English Grammar Worksheets?

We Answered:

Type "free english grammar worksheets" in your yahoo web search and take your pick…

Marc Said:

Need help with a worksheet for English (Grammar)?

We Answered:

Need more direction; do the parts of the sentences have to be used in the order you have listed them?

Crystal Said:

Help with English grammar?

We Answered:

In this case, yes. Whenever you have words like "sheep" that are both singular and plural, you add an apostrophe and an "s" for possessive term.

Jacqueline Said:

can any one help me in solving english grammar worksheet ?

We Answered:

First of all, in order for anyone to do this work sheet, they would have had to read the newspaper to understand the answer to the questions. If this is YOUR home work, then you need to do it! This is a fill in the blanks test that required you to be prepared! Why aren't you?? I would put anything in I wanted to, but it would not be correct! So do you want correct answers? I am sure you do! So go read the paper, and do your own home work!

Miguel Said:

Grammar Worksheet Problems?

We Answered:

Before we answer - what are your thoughts, what do you think?

Eleanor Said:

How to improve English pronunciation and grammar?

We Answered:

Raymond Murphy's book English Grammar In Use is the best of its kind. Get your friend to buy a copy.

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