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English Exercises Worksheets

Kim Said:

Can someone help me with this English "Everyday Use" worksheet?

We Answered:

3-not afraid of anyone

Cheryl Said:

How do you improve your english vocabulary?

We Answered:

read different kinds of novels. The way I used to do is, read a book, while reading the book, if you see new words, write it down, look it up in dictionary... Then go back to book and see how that word is used in the book.
Second way, I read Reader's Digest an go to the Vocabulary section. I used to type them up on the index card (the multiple choice part on the front), then the answers on the back. I think every month, it has about 20 words... So I get 20 index cards every month, 20 new words every month...
(and if you can't find the English version of Reader's Digest, let me know and I can send you some?)

Arlene Said:

Is this too much homework for a 13 year old?

We Answered:

Yeah that's a lot for someone your age. I've never had that much though I know what it's like to have a lot to do in a week. My homework takes me about an hour but projects take me longer. I space it out and don't rush. You might be spending too much time focusing on details but I don't know. Try and lesson your workload next year or this year if you can.

Patricia Said:

German Practice online [for a student who's been learning German about 3 years]?

We Answered:

Ich liebe lernen Deutsch auch! Hahaha Ich liebe falsche Grammatik. Aaalso, ist ja ein Woerterbuch, wenn du nur die Seite durchsuchst, ist das am Besten Vokabeln, Grammatik, und umgangssprachliche Ausdruecke zu lernen. Die Goethe-Institut hat Uebungen und einen Einstufungstest auf ihrer Seite Ich weiss nicht, wie gut du Deutsch kannst, aber wenn du eine stukturierte Einstellung Deutsch zu lernen, kauf mal das Buch Kenntnisse.

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