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English Comprehension Worksheets

Bob Said:

does anyone knows a program for english?

We Answered:

i was teaching conversation english in china before.... and now I am an english trainer. Helping her out with spoken english is not so hard to do but would require extra effort with grammar and comprehension, these two were the major problems i had encountered and are still encountering at the present in teaching and training oral conversation. What is tha nationality of your girlfriend? There will be some difference on which problem levels you have to focus regarding from which country she comes from. There will be some letters or group of words which may be really hard for her to say... my chinese students tend to pronounce "s" instead of "th" when I ask them to pronounce "think" they say "sink"..or "thing" becomes "sing"..... There are lots of programs on the net...try to go to Dave's Esl cafe or should be lots of programs/drills and activities(vocab,grammar,speaking,listen… which you can find useful in helping her out with her english. Actually, there are a thousand of websites you can go to.....just search ESL activities. or you can ask HER to contact me via YM...mgeoi19.

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