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Days Of The Week Worksheets

Eric Said:

Can I please have some help on these two Japanese 2 Kanji Worksheets please?

We Answered:

give me a thumbs up and a best answer!



? has 18 strokes.

the order from top to bottom is 7326415.

Marvin Said:

Hi, this is an original poem written by my Secondary 2 English class. Do give me your comments.?

We Answered:

how adorable!
i love it!

Ian Said:

Spanish Worksheets?

We Answered:

This has everything to get you from scratch to a good level. It's a website used for revision for students in the UK. Not sure if you're from the UK or US?

As well as worksheets, Look out for podcasts on i-tunes. There's loads of spanish ones, grammar exercises, vocab etc, and you can put them on your i-pod and listen to them. And it's free of course

Darrell Said:

The perfect storm of homework and activities?

We Answered:

Does she have an IEP? If she does I would call a meeting and discuss homework. That is way too much homework for a 6 yr old. Talk to her teacher because she may not realize how much of a load it has been.

My son gets pulled out of class as well for speech and reading and also occupational therapy. He is 7 and in second grade. There was a time during this year when he was getting 2-3 papers to do plus his 20 minutes of reading plus I am supposed to do math games and flash cards when possible (which was never with this going on). So I spoke to the teacher and it turned out she had no idea this was happening. Her aide was sending home papers that my son didn't finish in class and most of them were papers that were too difficult for my son to do and so he was getting frustrated. He has a learning disability. The teacher spoke to the aide and said she would monitor his mailbox better. Ever since he has been coming home with one paper to do along with his reading and it is much less stressful. Plus now I have more time to do flash cards and math games which really help him.

I was fully prepared to call a meeting but luckily it turned out to be a mistake and was fixed quickly and the meeting was not needed.

There are times when we don't get to something and I will send the teacher a note and let her know that we had a rough night and will bring the work the next day. My son plays baseball in the spring so sometimes during the season I will let him do the homework paper in the morning before school because he gets up around 7:00 and since I bring him to school we don't leave home until 8:40 so he has plenty of extra time in the morning. Baseball is the only extracurricular activity he has so I allow him to enjoy it.

EDIT: I would definitely consider driving her to school and back, it seems like a waste of gas but it will be worth it. My son had a lot of travel time as well when he took the bus last year. I started driving him this year to cut some time off his long school day. He wouldn't get off the bus until after 4:00pm and now we are home by 3:30 which gives him more time to do homework and stll have time to play before dinner. I only live a few miles from school and it's just become the norm to drive him...he loves it.

Adrian Said:

How many days/weeks is summer school?

We Answered:

summer school is different from school to school but basically could run from the last week of june to the first week of august and from 8 in the morn to 12 in the afternoon
basically though from my experiences if you take a test within the first week and pass you can leave

Johnnie Said:

Maintaining file size with macros in excel?

We Answered:

Try something like this

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Call ThisWorkbook.MyMacro(Target)
End Sub

' the ThisWorkbook module
Public Sub MyMacro(ByVal Target As Range)
End Sub

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