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Cut And Paste Worksheets

Floyd Said:

Excel Super Question - Entering same data across unlike worksheets in different columns -without cut and paste

We Answered:

I presume you've considered consolidating and using pivot tables so some other options

- restructure you spreadsheets. Build a master sheet that maintains your 'data model'
- reference the cell from your main worksheet in all other dependent sheets.
- consider a database, even a simple one like MS Access may be your next bet. You can easily model master data such as customer information in a table and any other table dependencies on the customer can refer to the primary customer table

Willard Said:

How do I combine multiple worksheets in Excel into one?

We Answered:

You are not stuck.

- From your spreadsheet, press Alt-F11 to get to the Visual Basic Editor.
- Select "Insert", "Module".
- Paste the following code into your module.

Sub Combine()
' Developed by PCS_Help
' For immediate help goto
Dim NumSheets As Integer
Dim NumRows As Integer

' Change the value of NumSheets to equal the number of sheets you wish to combine
NumSheets = 173

' Change the value of NumRows to equal the number of rows in each sheet
NumRows = 43

ActiveSheet.Name = "Consolidated"
For X = 1 To NumSheets
Worksheets(X + 1).Select
Rows("1:" & NumRows).Select
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
Worksheets(X + 1).Select
Next X
End Sub

- Edit the number of sheets and number of rows if required
- Click on the green play (Run) button
- Close the Visual Basic Editor

You are done!

Gladys Said:

Microsoft Excel - How do you cut and paste from one wks to another without moving the hidden columns as well?

We Answered:

Here's an easy one...
hi-light those cell you want to copy, including those hidden cells, then ctrl+g, click special, visible cells only, ok button, then click paste button, go to the destination and paste.

Bessie Said:

Excel formula that sorts identical information to different worksheets?

We Answered:

Name all your columns in the master sheet. Create the 15 tabs for each sort in the workbook. Then record a macro to run after adding each new row of data. After you start recording you sort the first sheet by colm A then copy the whole sheet (click in top left corner before A and above 1) and paste in sheet 2. Sort by appropriate colm and then copy and paste to sheet 3. Repeat for all sheets and then stop recording.
You then run the macro everytime you add new data.

Gina Said:

How do you create a new worksheet with identical setup (margins, fonts, etc., as my first worksheet?

We Answered:

After you have setup your base sheet, right click the sheet tab and select 'Move or Copy'.

When the Move of Copy window appears, check the 'Create a copy' check box and select where you wish it to be added to the workbook.

An identical copy will be inserted.

April Said:

How to merge the data of two worksheets to one?

We Answered:

If you have Microsoft Access this can be performed much easier and quicker. Simply by putting the data into Two tables you can easily link the two tables by employno and then get the data in one view. You can also then take that info and copy it into Excel. Within Excel I do not know an easy way of doing this unless you want to get into Code writting. Still easier to do in Microsoft Access.

Hilda Said:

How do you hide pictures or objects in Excel?

We Answered:

Try making the picture your background. Go to Format, Sheet, Background. Find your saved picture and click insert. That forces the picture behind the cells, then you can just fill color over the cells.
Not sure why you are cutting and pasting colored cells onto another worksheet. You could just select the cell you want to remove and select no fill from the color grid. You can email me if you have any questions. I can probablly help you out. I use Excel every day.

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