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Compound Sentences Worksheet

Ernest Said:

Is "The fog cleared, and we set out." a simple, complex, or compound sentence?

We Answered:


Diana Said:

english , pre quiz help?

We Answered:

Sentences with or, but, and, typically have the commas behind them.

* I want to go the movies, but I have too much to do tonight.
* The dog needs a new bowl, and he also needs a toy.

The other ones you're talking about seem to be cause and effect.

* Because Kim received feedback from her supervisor, she is now taking additional training.

Basically, we divided the what and why. What happened? Kim is taking additional training. Why? Because she received feedback from her supervisor.

I don't really know how to answer the other questions you have. It's a bit harder to explain verbs and clauses.

Good luck!

Ralph Said:

How to easily tell the difference from a simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentence?

We Answered:

So you must know what a compound sentence is. A compound-complex sentence is first a compound sentence (you can do that) with some kind of dependent clause. These might be noun clauses, adjective clauses or adverbial ones. Dependent (or subordinate) clauses have a subject and a verb but depend on the main clause for full meaning. Here is a dependent clause: that he had been elected. This is a noun clause. It can be the subject of a sentence: That he had been elected was the first thing Ed told his wife. Here it is the direct object: Ed told his wife that he had been elected. My two sentences are complex, not compound. They each have a main clause and a dependent clause. If the sentence is a compound sentence with an extra clause of some sort, then it is compound-complex. If there is only one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses, it is complex. Don't let phrases cloud your judgment: they have no bearing at all in determining sentence type.

Sergio Said:

Help with AP biology?

We Answered:

14. A substrate is attached in the active site of the enzyme forming a substrate-enzyme-complex, the enzyme then transforms the substrate into the product and it is released from the active site.

15. They can, genes code for proteins, not all proteins are enzymes but nearly all enzymes are proteins.

16. No, enzymes are very specific.

17. Yes

18. Lysozymes you mean? Destroy the cell wall of bacteria.

19. The substrate is "uncomfortably" fitted into the active site stressing a certain area to speed up a reaction.

20. metal ions, like iron, cofactors like B12 in vitamin B

21. compete for the active site on enzymes

22. attach to an allosteric site on the enzyme which changes it's conformation so that it cannot perform it's job.

24. Not doing that one

25. No

26. ATP, hyrdolysis

27. Release energy, cause conformational changes

28. inorganic

29. Depends on the molecule, usually yes.

Colleen Said:

Earn 20pts!!!What kind of sentence?? compound,simple,complex?

We Answered:

I'll help you on the first one. It's compound because each part or the sentence (clause) is independent, meaning it can be a sentence on its own.
A complex sentence is made up of a dependent and one or more independent clauses. (Sentence 3 in your assignment)
A simple sentence is one dependent clause. (Sentence 2 in your assignment)
A compound-complex sentence is at least 2 dependent clauses and at least one independent clause.
So, I think you can figure the rest out for yourself now.

Laura Said:

need some help on my english homework please?

We Answered:

It's C. Mary told me; Mary told John (this is how you figure it out for yourself).

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