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Christmas Worksheets For Kids

Jordan Said:

?What Christmas tune is it? help MEEEE?

We Answered:

sorry if any of these are wrong...
1. walking in a winter wonderland
2. O come all ye faithful
3. i'm dreaming of a white christmas
4. what child is this
5. 1 of 2- O holy night, silent night (depending on the picture)
6. noel
7. Away in a manger
8. the 12 days of christmas
9. i saw mommy kissing santa claus
10. the christmas song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire)
11. It came upon a midnight clear

hope i helped :D

Marc Said:


We Answered:

First of all, look for the paper in your house. And I mean, LOOK. Where'd you last have it?

Do you have a friend who has been sick, or can act like they need another copy of this worksheet for whatever reason? Then you can stay home the day they ask about it, and they can give it to you that night.

Maybe you could borrow somebody elses copy and write all the questions on paper and answer them there. Explain that the sheet got lost, but you still did the work, and ask for half credit if nothing else.

Glenn Said:

Reasons why you don't like school?

We Answered:

1. I agree with your first thing. My teachers don't just hand out detentions, though, they'll give you SATURDAY detentions and suspensions.
2. The advanced classes (APAC), aren't hard at all.
3. The "cool" kids are really annoying. They just pick on everybody. I mean it really sucks. They also like beating people up.
4. People don't come to school high. They get high in the bathrooms, lunchroom, and even in the classrooms.
5. Our dress code is navy or khaki bottoms and white or navy tops. The principals only really care what the advanced class students wear.
6. My teachers barely teach anything, and they HATE it when you ask questions.
7. Once, a teacher had us BALANCE their CHECKBOOK. I mean wtf why would you have 8th graders balance your checkbook?
8. I'm constantly afraid of getting beat up. I walk around my school in complete fear.
9. Half of the students drink, do drugs, have sex, or are pregnant, and I'm only in middle school.
10. Since I'm the "nerd" in the majority of my classes the teachers hold me to a higher standard then they hold the other students.
11. One of my teachers, Mrs. Brooks, calls me, "her special needs student" and she says that, "she should get paid extra tto teach stupid kids like me."
12. Mrs. Brooks teaches History, but she didn't know that there was a WW2 and she thinks that there are 54 states.
13. Mrs. BBrooks updates her facebook status at school.
14. School starts at 7:15 and it ends at 3:00. I have Mathcounts and tutoring so I'm normally there until 4:00.
15. The 8th graders have to take both the Algebra 1 AND the Pre-algebra test so our test scores will raise.
16. One of my teachers doesn't even recongize me as a student.

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