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Christmas Math Worksheets

Irma Said:

What should i do?!?! Do i make new friends?

We Answered:

...... yes, you should.

Antonio Said:

Should I quit Kumon and my piano lessons?

We Answered:

Many students are also experiencing this kind of problem, like me. Kumon is a long term process. Before you reach success, you need to overcome and experience hardship. Try to do and complete your worksheets even though their piling up. I know it's hard. I've experienced that also but that didn't make me quit and soon complete the Kumon program. One good piece of advice, set your priorities right and have patience in doing your worksheets, it will soon pay off :)

Marilyn Said:


We Answered:

Go to They have a whole list of high schools that are online. Also, don't worry about whether they will accept you or not. The state or federal government cannot stop you from being homeschooled. The school might try to persuade you from being homeschooled because they get money from the state for each child that is enrolled in their school. Just explain to your parents that you feel you can get a better education on your own, instead of following at the teachers pace. Hope this helps!

Edit: Sorry, I don't know anything about Ireland school regulations. The state and federal I was talking about is for the US. Does your mom know you have a mostly photographic memory? Do some research online about the learning needs for someone who has a photographic memory. Print them out and use those as your defense when talking to your mom. Hope all goes well. Feel better!!

Allison Said:

TEACHERS!will the newb accept me?

We Answered:

Specify your question more. However I think that you would do well in home schooling. You work at a faster pace, and can do lots of work on your own. With home schooling you will be able to reach a higher potential then the school that you are currently at. I am not familiar with french. But best of luck with which ever you choose.

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