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Book Report Worksheet

Rafael Said:

Do you think this is too much homework?

We Answered:

I got an A in my English GCSE and noooo way did i do that much!!
Ppl who are telling you to "suck it up" have got to be joking!
Its way too much!
I'm in y11, studying for my 2nd GCSE in English (this time literature) and I probably write about a 300/350 word essay at the weekend and maybe annotate a bit over the week..
Its too much!
I would get a parent to complain or something because you're other subjects (not to mention your social life!) are gonna suffer for it!
And I LOVE english! But its way too much..
Reading other comments, i'm very shocked that they think this is normal and you are just moaning!

Evelyn Said:

Need book report help.?

We Answered:

You are correct that there are only 4 historical characters in the book. The teacher is testing you when she asks for 6..

Bonnie Said:

POLL: Am I screwed or what?

We Answered:

you're not entirely screwed. Start with the task with most priority. For example, if your maths isn't part of your grade leave it for last etc. It also helps if you do the homework given by the least reasonable teachers first, so that there is a better chance for you to explain yourself to your more reasonable teachers if you did not finish their work. Another good tactic is to do the assignments due earlier in the day first, so you can still have a bit more time to do it during breaks etc.


Eduardo Said:

Who has more homework than me? (only for people in school, obviously)?

We Answered:

I'm a nursing student. I have clinical rotations twice a week from 2- 10pm at a hospital that is an hour away from me, with care plans, med profiles (dosage, different names of same med, administration differences, dosage differences, why a certain patient would get it, contraindications, and side effects), nursing diagnosis (4, which include assessment data, interventions, all of them....and outcome criteria) due each week. That puts me to bed at 11:30pm after I am done with that twice a week, and last night I was up until 12 doing the other 6 hours of paperwork (backing up answers with research or textbook pages (I have about 8 of them, and two of them have over 1700 pages.). I also happen to have an average of at least one test a week, preparation work for a simulation lab or spin-off (ICU), etc., etc. I have two tests this week, one on thursday, the other on Friday, pertaining strictly how to figure out drip rates/ concentrations of meds, certain tubing types, how much med they can have....blah blah blah. Thankfully, I have three months of school left. THEN I AM DONE! It hasn't been all bad, but boy I could use a break.

I FEEL FOR YOU!!! Keep on keeping on!

Richard Said:

How do you do a graphic organizer for a book?

We Answered:

Here is a place with lots of graphic organizers.

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