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Body Parts Worksheet

Francisco Said:

the earliest fossils lacked what?

We Answered:

see the Pearson's chi square test

Priscilla Said:

Can anyone help me with this metaphor worksheet?

We Answered:

leg of a journey
lip service
Toe the line
Make a clean breast of things
A cut throat
knuckle under
Have no stomach for
save foot?
I don't know if these are right?????

Ricky Said:

fish worksheet,i left my book and notes in my locker,due in the am..please help..senior in distress...thanks?

We Answered:

Hope you have chance to check this before its due...

-live in wet terrestrial habitats


Chondrichthyes is sharks, skates, rays and chimeras.
Shark teeth are modified placoid scales (skin).
Ray's skeleton is made of cartilage (hence chondrichthyes)
Not sure what the next one is getting at (worded wierd)
Largest shark in the world is whale shark - filter feeds primarily on planktonic organisms.
Fin that protrudes from water is dorsal fin
Caudal fin is on the tail (hence caudal) - helps steer
Sharks' five senses are sight, chemoreception, touch, taste, electroreception.
Think the next question is wrong - should be compare/contrast rays and skates right?
Lobe finned fishes evolved into limbed animals by having the ability to breathe air and to move across the land from one drying up water source to another. Eventually became able to utilize habitat not current inhabited.
Largest class of vertebrates is osteichthyes (bony fishes)
Don't know..need to look that up.
Countercurrent exchange allows for complete oxygenation of blood.
Salmon are Anadromous
Smallest vertebrate is a ray finned fish in osteichthyes
Operculum covers the gills

Hope that helps... if you get it before your work is due.

Leah Said:

How your body is cooled when you perspire?

We Answered:

The answer is Endothermic, which means "takes energy to occur" in a broad sense.

Hugh Said:

Could you help me identify some parts of a plant cell?

We Answered:

DUDE i failed a test on that SAME exact drawing and labelling thing last weird!
but the golgi apparatus is the thing at the bottom right that is like squiggaly lol

idk about the others..but the oval with squiggaly lines are the mitochondrion
the thing with a big empty hole is a vacuole
cell mem and cell wall are easy..just the two surrounding liness..wall on the out..membran on the in
the nucleus/nucleolus etc. in the middle part
the smoothe/rough endo retic. are like right outside uv the nucleus

sorry to be no help but i'm failing biology in 9th grade(this year) for sureee :(

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