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Alphabetical Order Worksheets

Ryan Said:

Excel Formula: I created a drop down box and want to use the VLOOKUP formula?

We Answered:

Are the project number, name, and address columns in that order on your sheet? If so, a VLOOKUP will not work when searching by names. You will need to use the INDEX/MATCH functions instead. Here is an example of how to get the part number when searching by part name:
=INDEX(A2:A100, MATCH(G1,B2:B100,0))
When using the above example, change A2:A100 to your part number column, change G1 to where you put in your search word (your drop-down cell), and change B2:B100 to the part name column.
When using the formula to find the address, all you will need to do is change the A2:A100 to whichever column your addresses are in.

Christina Said:

How can I use a filter in Excel worksheet?

We Answered:

i am not getting the question clear, if you want to apply filter (not sure which version u r using) if you are using 2007,
1. select the columns where you want to apply filter
2. goto 'Data' menu >> click the 'Filter' icon and your r done.

but if you are talking about 'sorting' of your data, then in the same menu you have sorting icons also.

Mae Said:

Microsoft Access Questions?

We Answered:

Question: Why dont you try opening access and doing your own homework o_o its not exactly hard, just experiment and see the answers

Cynthia Said:

How can I sort columns across multiple worksheets in Excel?

We Answered:

Unfortunately even if each worksheet is grouped so you could do it at the same time, the sorting function does not work so the best thing would be either to create a macro so you can repeat the sorting on each successive worksheet. I had thought perhaps that sorting the first sheet and then linking and then using FILL but obviously the other worksheets contain different data other than the names so this wouldnt work. No, I think the macro has to be the best way.

Of course, when sorting you do have to highlight all columns (not headings) otherwise associated data won't be sorted at the same time. Best way is to highlight and rather than use the A-Z go through Data, Sort option.

Don Said:

How do I sort multiple fields of data in a worksheet in excel from left to right in alphabetical order.?

We Answered:

from left to right?
i am guessing you mean you want to sort a row of data...instead of the usual column?
if thats right...then:
- highlight your row of data
- click Data
- click sort
- click Options...
- click Sort left to right
- now your sort options are row numbers...instead of the usual column letters

hope that helps

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