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All About Me Worksheets

Veronica Said:

Is there a way to undo page breaks on multiple worksheets in Excel?

We Answered:

Select all of your sheets by clicking the first tab of the first sheet and holding down the shift key click the last tab of the last sheet (this groups the worksheets - whatever you do now it will apply it to all of the sheets selected).

Insert -> Reset Page Breaks.


Oh and always remember to undgroup your sheets.

Ken Said:

How do you do this on Microsoft Excel (a formula to transfer information to other worksheets)?

We Answered:

Sounds like you want a VLOOKUP setup
This has some good info:…
If you need something more detailed and more specific go to
The nesting of data is useful on Spreadsheets, but some tasks are very office versio specific

Dora Said:

Where can I find worksheets/short stories about being mean?

We Answered:……

These might help, I also couldn't find much, may be if you added more detail it would be easier.

Good Luck

Esther Said:

How can I stop feeling stressed about all the homework I have?

We Answered:

Hey,rihannafan. How's it goin'? Well,You can start by taking a deep breath. Calm down and try to relax. Everything will get done,My dear. You just need to stop and think. Which part is giving you the most headache? Next,Never feel like you can't ask for help. Stop and see the teacher if you are having difficulty understanding the work at hand. If there is something I could help you out with,You can always pick at my brain. I'll do whatever I can to help you out. And if I can't help,I will try to help find you someone who can. I'm pretty good at Geometry if you'd want to ask me some questions. Babe,Life's too short to stress yourself like this. You need a break from your work. After your break is done,Just try concentrating on getting the work done. I know it may seem impossible,But you can do it. And when all is said and done,You will feel kinda silly for worrying about this. rihannafan,Just think of it this way. This will help you become a better person. Well,You will always get better. Finishing school will show the world that you have brains to go with the looks. If it helps,Visualize something possitive you want to do after you graduate. Make that your goal to help you through High School. You see your goal,You have it in your sights. Now just concentrate on making this dream a reality. I've gotta get going soon. I hope this answer pleases you somewhat. If not,I am so terribly sorry. You have a good day today. Take it easy and God bless. Bye for now.

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