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All About Me Worksheet

Miriam Said:

In Excel, if type something in cell A1, i want it to appear on A1 on another worksheet, how do i go about it?

We Answered:

The formula to refer back to another tab (for example let's say Sheet 1) is:

Or if you had renamed Sheet1 to say Fishing then the formula would be


Just apply the same logic to the other cells you need to reference or the other sheets. You can copy the formulas down which would keep you from having to retype the reference over and over on the other tabs too.

Audrey Said:

What Taxon do all four of these organisms belong to and then what is Rana Temporaria?

We Answered:

These are all vertebrates, therefore all chordates. Rana is a genus of frogs, which includes the North American green frog, Rana clamitans, as well as the common European frog, Rana temporaria.

Marsha Said:

Why are all my questions being removed?

We Answered:

First of all your profile is not private.So anyone could have a glimpse of all your Questions or answers and report them eventually.

To make your Q&A private you have to:-

?Click on this link:-
?Scroll down half the way to ‘PRIVACY’ and Tick: -
-‘On my public profile, Hide my Q&A from people not in my Answers Network’
-‘On my public profile, Hide my Answers Network from people who are not in it’
?Click ‘PREVIEW’ and ‘OK’

Also disallow fans by selecting 'Do not allow fans'.If you're answering in a single category alone,switch over to different ones so that any user who's tracking you might not be able to do that!

Good Luck!

Danny Said:

Is it possible to Export into a new Excel worksheet using crystal report?

We Answered:

Hi Ashwath,

I researched your question on the Business Objects technical support website. According to KB article c2014059, you cannot export a Crystal Report directly to multiple worksheets in a single Microsoft Excel workbook.

The workaround to this would be to develop multiple reports, export each to it's own Excel doc (single sheet in each), and then use Excel to manually merge the worksheets from multiple workbooks into a single workbook. If you love to write code, you can write your own application to automate the workbook/worksheet merging.

By the way, there is one exception to the "no mutliple worksheets" rule. KB article c2014420 states that "Multiple Excel sheets are created when the exported report contains more than 65536 rows of data. Microsoft Excel limits the number of rows on each sheet to 65536 rows."


Judith Said:

Can someone explain what is Kumon all about?

We Answered:

Kumon was started by a Japanese businessman who was just helping his kids get through school. The Japanese school system is pretty much a rote-memory deal (remember exactly what the teacher said and write that on the test). The Kumon system is basically a series of very repetitive drills. It works pretty well for some folks, not as well for others. Personally I think it's pretty good, but more than a little boring. Both my kids go to Kumon "cram schools" (like after school classes) in Japan, and it has helped them, especially with math.

Edwin Said:

Remove ALL Duplicates from Excel Worksheet?

We Answered:

Below is a macro that will find all the unique values on your sheet and put them in one column

Alt+F11 to open the VB editor
Paste the macro in the new module edit window

Back in Excel, select the column you want to have the unique values in and run the macro


Sub UniqueList()
' UniqueList Macro
' Macro recorded 11/19/2008
Dim OrigArray As Variant
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
' define data range
With ActiveSheet
r = .UsedRange _
c = .UsedRange.Columns( _
End With
OrigArray = Range("A1", Cells(r, c)).Value
Dim vAns() As Variant
Dim lEndPoint As Long
Dim lCount As Long
Dim col As New Collection
Dim sIndex As String
Dim vTest As Variant, vItem As Variant
lEndPoint = UBound(OrigArray)
For cCtr = 1 To c
For rCtr = 1 To r
vItem = OrigArray(rCtr, cCtr)
'if error occurs, element already exists
sIndex = CStr(vItem)
'first element, add automatically
If rCtr = 1 And cCtr = 1 Then
col.Add vItem, sIndex
ReDim vAns(1 To 1) As Variant
vAns(1) = vItem
On Error Resume Next
col.Add vItem, sIndex
If Err.Number = 0 Then
lCount = UBound(vAns) + 1
ReDim Preserve vAns(1 To lCount)
vAns(lCount) = vItem
End If
End If
Next rCtr
Next cCtr
Range(Cells(1, ActiveCell.Column), _
Cells(lCount, ActiveCell.Column)).Value _
= Application.WorksheetFunction. _
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub


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