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9th Grade Math Worksheets

Billy Said:

what sites can i get 9th grade worksheets that r free?

We Answered:

Try this website
They have lots of good stuff for free that you just download and print or print from the site.
Also check and then type in what you need in the little search bar.

You can also just do a google search for 'free ( insert need)' and see what that pulls up.

Alfredo Said:

Getting Ready For 9th Grade?

We Answered:

You don't do spelling in 9th.
You're kind of expected to know how to by then..

really, nobody here can help you, unless they go to the high school that you'll soon enter.

Anyway, like the 1st answerer said, drills really don't help. What you'll want to do is be ready to work moderately hard once you get into high school, and know that grades actually count&stuff.
(and if you go to a school in CA, that lots of things are gonna be cut).

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