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6th Grade Science Worksheets

Chester Said:

Any Tips? Science Teacher?

We Answered:

To your great relief, none of our 6th grade science lessons will ask you to do everything for every student. In fact, you’ll notice a complete shift of who does what in our lessons. Students, not you, are the ones doing things. Your job is to stand back and make sure people do what they're supposed to do, and outcomes are what they’re supposed to be. Then you move in with dialogue when they’re minds are primed and ready. This method may be uncomfortable for you at first. But the rewards are worth it.

By handing over the best part of the 6th grade science lesson to students- the demonstration- you are showing trust. Most students will respond to this by rewarding you (and themselves) with a higher level of maturity, and now everyone’s winning. In our 6th grade science lessons your role is to give students enough clear instruction so they know what to do. But always leave some “play” room that they can use to discover things for themselves. Having come upon something amazing with their own hands, they will naturally go further and manipulate variables, enriching the discussion even more. Now that is real science.

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