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6th Grade Math Worksheets

Marvin Said:

Math Question - H4-9 RIDDLE HELP 6th grade math?

We Answered:

I cannot view the questions because I am not a member.

Ray Said:

math homework help 6th grade?

We Answered:

You need to move your percentage decimal two places to the left which will give you .166. You always do that with your percentages when you're trying to find that percentage of another number. Then you will multiple $850 by .116 which will give you 141.1. That is how much commission will be earned (16.6%)! So the answer $107.10 is incorrect and the answer $141.1 is correct. Keep practicing and you will get better! =)

Jason Said:

Where can I learn and practice 6th grade math and mathmatics?

We Answered:

That really sucks.
Try these websites. Hope they fit your requirements. ;)

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