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6 Grade Math Worksheets

Guy Said:

6th grade math curriculum?

We Answered:

Go to your state department of education and look at the state standards for math. That will spell out what the students need to learn.

Ignore the inadequately qualified remark. Another 6th grader could tutor effectively. That is just ignorance there.

Anyway, in California, 6th grade is
Comparing and ordering fractions,decimals, integers (at the same time)
Area of a circle, diameter, circumference, radius
multiply and divide fractions and integers.
Linear equations

Those are some the biggest ones.

Erika Said:

grade 6 math worksheet?

We Answered:

Are you looking for one...? or are you looking for answers to one?


Carmen Said:

Extra Urgent:Please help me find worksheets that have 6th grade math compuation on them. THANK YOU SO MUCH.?

We Answered:

Check these sights out:…

Marjorie Said:

6th grade math help - RIDDLE HELP?

We Answered:

"he orders fractions" thats the solution, number four is =, number 7 is =, and number 14 is =, otherwise just go thru and make the proper sign next to each letter circle the letters and you'll know the other side is greater, and the answer to 21 is D: Ted, tell your teacher that if all the fractions are set to 20 only 18/20 of them are eat, Penelope eat 3/20, Simon eat 2/20, Gina eat 5/20 and, ted eat 8/20. tell me how it goes i'm intrested to see how i did, [email protected]

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