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5th Grade Reading Worksheets

Ashley Said:

i am tutoring a ninth grader with 5 th grade reading skills, what books do you suggest?

We Answered:

Easy Grammar & Daily Grams by Wanda C. Phillips. It's a 180-page booklet with grammar lessons. My english class does 2 per day and I've learned a lot :)

Harold Said:

Tutoring suggestions?

We Answered:

The following links have free or inexpensive worksheets. However, there are a lot of activities that you can do without a lot of worksheets. For example, does she know all of the vowel sounds, the different sounds for g,c,s? what about consonant combinations such as rh,ph,wr, kn, gn etc.? Use magnetic letters or letters on card stock to build words. For example, spell ray,then tray, stray,strayed, straying,staying,saying, laying, flaying etc.
When I tutor this is a sample lesson plan. about two minutes to duscuss celebrations and problems in her life, especially at school. Two minutes of using a letetr chart. I say the sound, the student points to diffeent ays to make sounds. Next I point, the stduent says the sound. Then I introduce a phonic rule such as hard and soft sounds of g, then practice that rule with syllables. This is a good place to introduce prefixes, roots and suffixes. Then, I listen to her read something which we discuss , especially if there are words she doesn't understand. We practice reading a section repeatedly ( at least one minute segments a minimum of three times ) to work on reading fluency. Then she writes a summary or reaction to what she has read.
ALso, I got a used PHONICS Game and play those games with her now and then.
ALso, keep checking to see what her assignments are. If she has to do a book report, for example, practice the reading with the book she needs to do for class.

Georgia Said:

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

We Answered:

My favorite teacher was in elementary school her name was, Mrs. Kelly she was my 3rd grade teacher. When standing in line the ones that stood straight and without talking she used to give them gummy bears. And while were in class we used always sing and when its work time we worked but she used to teach us in a fun way so we can like the subject she is teaching! :)

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