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5 Grade Math Worksheets

Carole Said:

Where can I get free grade 5 math problems?

We Answered:

You can google it or go here…

Anne Said:

How do you do #5 on this (grade 9) math worksheet?

We Answered:

Step one is to determine the angle (where John's head is).

To do this you use the small triangle and mark the angle as theta and use the tangent function -- and it will look like:

tan ? = 1.1/1.8

? = tan-1 (means tan inverse) 1.1/1.8

? = 31.4 degrees.

Step two is to now calculate the height of the tree, based on the angle and the full length (1.8 + 24 = 25.8m). It will look like:

tan 31.4 = x/25.8

25.8 tan 31.4 = x

15.75 = x (rounded off to the nearest 10th)

So the tree is 15.75 meters tall.

Have a good day!

Maurice Said:

does anyone have 5th grade math websites for my neice?

We Answered:

when i waz in 5th grade, I always used this site!!!

hope this helps

Laura Said:

Math help for grade 5 math test?

We Answered:

These are some patterning worksheets.hope that they help her.

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