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4 Grade Math Worksheets

Jimmy Said:

Math for 4th grade?

We Answered:

Here are a bunch! And way to go on trying to help your daughter improve her math skills!

KidZone Math

Teachnology's list of math sites for printables…

Mathfact Cafe


School Express…

TLS Books… math wkshts.…

Cybersleuth Kids…

SOOO much more where this came from. Use the search I used below!

Rosemary Said:

Will my kid always be good at math?

We Answered:

My Father used to give me extra Maths at home, I was quiet good at it for a while then totally lost interest, now I don't deal with numbers at all. Re-doing Maths worksheets is pointless and boring for a growing mind, it would be much better to show him other mathematical related lessons, fractions and the like, unless you want him to be an accountant. I'd let him know what options there are for mathematicians and tell Maths is an important tool for Scientists, Architects and other professions. But alone it is a little pointless.

Wesley Said:

I need to finish this math worksheet to boost my math grade up help?

We Answered:

first solve for y
-4y > 3x + 4
y < (-3/4)x - 1
graph this line and shade below it (because y is less than the function)

Deanna Said:

4th grade math? Estimate by using compatible numbers:?

We Answered:

maybe a typing error

Emily Said:

Math Worksheets???

We Answered:

Try using hands-on methods to teach them. If they need work on multiplication and division give them a "problem" where they can create arrays to solve them.

I gave my fourth graders a problem to figure out square numbers... I'm going to plant a garden I want equal sides, how many different types of gardens could I have if I had square gardens (2 by 2, 3 by 3, 4 by get the idea). Have them do the same with rectangular gardens. Except you give them the many ways could I plant 36 plants to make a garden. Just make sure you have enough manipulatives and lots of paper and writing utensils on hand! = )

David Said:

What is the best help for 4th grade math NC EOG?

We Answered:

4th Graders should not be using Answer.

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