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3rd Grade Reading Worksheets

Laura Said:

3rd grade reading help. My son forgot his book and we have a worksheet on the story The Terrible EEK....?

We Answered:

I found info on the terrible eek for you...

Many answers here: From Kirkus Reviews
When, on a rainy night, a man tells his little son that the things he most fears are a thief, a wolf, and a ``terrible leak,'' his words are overheard by both a thief who happens to be on the roof and a nearby wolf. At first, both are proud to be thought so powerful; but when the thief falls onto the wolf, each believes the other to be the mysterious third thing. Terrified, they bolt, and frighten several other animals with their misheard story about the ``terrible eek.'' This amusing fable, nicely concluded with the little family sleeping peacefully after the storm, is fine for reading or telling. Hamanaka, who will be remembered for The Journey (1990), provides powerfully expressive paintings with rich dark colors, simple yet dramatic designs, and comical, broadly rendered animals. (Folklore/Picture book. 4-8) -- Copyright ©1991, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

If you need more - Go to and search for "Terrible EEK" - with the double quotes - and after the double quotes <space> "rainy night" with quotes. this forces yahoo to return only those two phrases!!!
Good luck.

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