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2nd Grade Worksheets

Marcia Said:

How to challenge my son in school work?

We Answered:

Listen to your son, stop trying to make him a Einstein. You said he is getting A's & B's, let him work on the B's- do not push upper grade work, he will resent you. Let him be a kid and play, he has college to hit the books. Just as long as he keeps good grades.

Stella Said:

science questions from a 6th grade worksheet on earthquakes?

We Answered:

1- Pacific
2- Primary
3- Secondary waves, or S waves
4- dampers or base isolators ( I am not sure here)

Good Luck :)

Catherine Said:

What are some websites that I can get print out reading worksheets so I can tutor someone 1st to 2nd grade?

We Answered:

try and

Ramona Said:

Where can I find free cartoon images to use on 2nd grade worksheets?

We Answered:

The site listed below has lots of traffic light clip art. I didn't see any one that was personified but something might work for you.

Earl Said:

Can anyone direct me to a good website where I can print worksheets for 1st and 2nd grade?

We Answered:

As a parent and former elementary school teacher, I applaud your efforts to help your kids with their reading and math. Worksheets can be a useful tool to assess what skills kids have mastered, and what they still need to work on. But virtually every child I know will tell you that worksheets are the LEAST fun way to learn.

In my experience, kids of that age learn most easily when the learning is part of a game or project. There's lots of ways you can teach reading and math skills. Card games and dice games are great for learning number operations: + - X /.

Take at look at Dr. Mike's Math Games for Kids for some free ideas... even a few worksheets:

Some more ideas from Let's Play Math!:…

Education World has lots of great game ideas for all subjects, as well as printables:… has links and descriptions of free online interactive math games and worksheets:…

There are also fun ways to help kids learn to read. Let your kids choose some from the picture books section in your public library. The children's librarian is very helpful in recommending books based on your children's interests, such as animals, dinosaurs, dancing, etc. Be sure to get recommendations for nonfiction as well as story books. Read to each child and with each child for at least half an hour a day. Break it up into small segments based on how long each can stay focused.

Reading Rockets is a fantastic public-sponsored site with suggestions for parents and teachers on helping kids learn to read. I've recommended it to all the parents of my beginning readers:…

There are also many free online interactives for reading and writing on listed on For reading, look at the links for Learn to Read at Starfall
Read Along Stories & Songs
ReadWriteThink Word Family Sort
Words and Pictures:…

ReadWriteThink has excellent interactives for all kinds of reading and writing skills:…

For spelling and vocabulary, look at the sites listed here. My favorite is SpellingCity:…

Have a great summer learning with your kids!

Judy Said:

I volunteer in my son and daughter's 2nd grade classroom and...?

We Answered:

I'm a teacher and I do think that it is great you volunteer in the classroom. However it is this very reason why I hesitate inviting parents in because they make judgements based on a small small small glimpse of the day and or week. You very well could be right but as a teacher and knowing teachers, I know that it is highly unlikely that a teacher would do that. How do you know for sure? Is it because your son and or daughter told you? In that case, I always follow this rule of thumb : Parents believe 1/2 of what your child says about school and Teachers will believe 1/2 of what your children say about you to their teachers and peers (trust me there are some big whopping stories floating around).
Also, workbooks are different. Any Joe Schmo can write a workbook and trust me they do. A workbook by one company can be labled 4th grade work but have pages that are applicable for 2nd grade. It happens alot.
Your teacher is the professional and you need to trust that. Would you question your doctor.
Also as a teacher, I do pull from a higher level book to put some rigor in the teaching. Often some of the curriculum we are made to teach is easy and I know my kids can handle the same concept at a more difficult level.

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