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2nd Grade Reading Worksheets

Marcia Said:

2nd grade books.. help?

We Answered:

I'd get this one for language arts:…

And this one for reading comprehension:…

Together, they'll cover everything you are trying to teach.

Anna Said:

2nd grade reading question! please help!?

We Answered:

Get a spiral-bound notebook for each. Keep a diary. Put date, what was read, and any notes, like if they enjoyed the story, or hated it, and why. To add some fun, once in a while let them draw a picture about what they read. You can also make it fun by letting them write in the book with colorful pens or markers. Try to keep it light. Take turns writing in the book, so it is not just more "work " they have to do. Children (hopefully!) should enjoy reading. Have a tough one to get stimulated? If allowed, use comic books. My son LOVED "Garfield", and "Calvin and Hobbes". Magazines are great, too; I use kid's wrestling and other sport magazines.

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