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1st Grade Reading Worksheets

Jay Said:

Work Sheets and Reading Activities for Grd.1?

We Answered:

Is this okay?? ,

Tammy Said:

ok, I have dyslexia. How kind of things should i do to enhance my spelling and reading?

We Answered:

Start by asking your teachers if they will allow you to tape the lectures. If you have a IEP then ask if it can be modified to have them taped. Also get a note taker. Then read your notes from the person into a tape recorder also. The more you hear words and associate them with what you see on the paper it will be a help. And you need to read a little every day even though it is a difficult for you. Start with something you enjoy.

Tom Said:

reading&writing for grade 1?

We Answered:

There are many websites for online educational games……

Mitchell Said:

All Grade One Teachers - I take off my hat to you.?

We Answered:

That is very nice. I taught first grade last year and they are a delightful handful. I can't believe there are 32 in a class though! We have a limit of 24 and I thought that was huge.

Jacqueline Said:

First grade teachers??

We Answered:

I am entering my fifteenth year of teaching. I have taught Kindergarten (five years), Second Grade (one year), Third Grade (two years) and First Grade (seven years). I hated third grade due to the TESTING... its all about TESTING.... no fun, just TESTING. I liked Kindergarten, but I was lowest seniority at the time and was moved to First Grade. I now absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE teaching First Grade.

In our school district, students leave Kindergarten with reading skills. The first two weeks of school are spent as a hardcore review of Kindergarten and then we hit the ground running, so to speak. When we are completing a worksheet, I will introduce the concept prior to the worksheet and use the worksheet as a means of reinforcing the idea just taught. If this is not possible, we will do the page together in class, and then I will give the students a similar page they complete alone.

Pros: Students are gaining an understanding of education and the excitement of learning. Each concept or lesson brings about a new idea or skill for them to learn and they are truly wide-eyed to learn and absorb information.

Cons:Initially, they are still upset that they have to be separated from mom. (Sometimes it is harder on the mom!!) Each year, I am consistently surprised how many students want to just cry and go back home to mom. I want to cry too!! I just have to remember to put on my big girl-undies and move on. ;)

When we return from Christmas vacation, students are ready to take a more independent role in their reading and writing. We are half-way through the year, we have practiced writing things together, and now they are ready to begin using the learned skills to begin writing our own sentences.

I an honestly say, First Grade is a difficult grade to teach. This grade gives students their building blocks for the future. If they become frustrated now, it can cause frustration forever. However, it is also the most rewarding grade I have taught Watching students becoming avid readers and working to become more well-rounded learners.... its just wonderful!

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