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1 Grade Worksheets

Grace Said:

online printable worksheets (1st grade)?

We Answered:

Enchanted learning has a plethora of printable worksheets. For 20 bucks you can get them without the banners for a year, but they're available without paying too! They cover a broad range of subjects and age ranges.

Daniel Said:

looking for printable bible worksheets for grade 1?

We Answered:

If you google "Bible activity sheets" you will find a lot of options.

You also might try going to a Christian bookstore in your area - you can find lots of high-quality materials for kids and it shouldn't cost too much.

Jean Said:

where can i get worksheets for science for grade 1?

We Answered:

The "Enchanted Learning" website is wonderful for such things. You have to pay a small fee to sign up for it but it is so worth it. Check it out - you can explore before making a commitment. They have thousands of things and I spent hours and hours looking and printing and getting so excited when I first got started.

The site is:…

Claudia Said:

I need 1st grade math coloring worksheets.Can u give me some links to print?

We Answered:

You'll find plenty of FREE worksheets right here:


Louise Said:

I work with three challenging Kindergarten-grade 1 boys and am looking for project ideas, worksheets etc? Idea?

We Answered:

Dinosaurs, insects or outer space work well for that age group.

Yolanda Said:

Free printable 1st grade worksheets?

We Answered:

The best way to help her get ready for first grade is to have some one-on-one time with her and go over literacy skills and help her understand the importance of good study habits and following directions as an active listener.

I am a child care director and this is the list i provide for my staff to draw inspiration from, however they are strongly discouraged from using "ditto" or coloring sheets as lesson plan fluffers.

Also a tool to make your own worksheets:

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