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World University Rankings 2010

Everett Said:

best universities in world?

We Answered:…

Jean Said:

Do the presidential rankings reflect the greatness of presidents or the biases of historians?

We Answered:

this is interesting information. Any poll that would place Reagan behind Obama is obviously skewed in a direction of political tendencies - as you know toward the left. If you take a look at other polls normally done nationally from reputable sources you will see the variances between what you attached (from your professors I imagine) to the reality.

The first links shows polls from various sources (credible) and the second link if you scroll down to the lower left corner you will see Presidents Job Approval Ratings. President Obama for example is not only below overall the combined average of all Presidents; he is behind and deeply sagging among Independents that supported his Presidential run in 2008. Click President Obama and go to "Obama Ind"...then, move over to Reagan and you will see that even Reagan Independents supported him better than what is currently occuring in this administration. No wonder they are currently moving now to Bush Bashing (3rd Link from Sunday August 8, 2010 Washington Post). When the Washington Post is pointing this out then you know the Administration (any Administration but especially so for Democrats) are in a real hurt locker.

Looks to me like you are writing well and thinking critically....we need more people like you to do this sort of thing.

All the best,
Gerry D.

Update: Seems the only thing these people got right was Carter moving from 25 to 32. I would like to know "who" these scholars are and "where" they went to college and "what" is crendentialling them to be considered "Presidential Scholars"...even Nixon should be noted for implementing the EPA.

Thelma Said:

Can I still get into a good college with my terrible grades?

We Answered:

Maybe not to some of those places, but you have a good chance still of getting into a local state college. Considering the enormous sizes of Ohio State and Michigan State, I think you would have a shot at one of those...go ahead and try. Best of luck! :)

Wesley Said:

BA in Econ/PolSc- any worth going for? Besides if its at either the Uni of Manchester or PSU UPark?which one?

We Answered:

My Canadian daughter did a dual major in Econ/Poli Sci in Pittsburgh and has found it a powerful combination. She also took an EMT qualification in her senior year. She is interning in DC right now as part of her grad degree and is considered an expert on emergency medical services.

SHe was offered two jobs fresh out of college but is in grad school studying transportation systems at the engineering college of a well known university. She has been offered fully paid doctorates at three top schools but she may get it instead through a government research institute where she will work on improving EMS personel safety. They are talking a bigger stipend. A lot bigger.

These two majors as a double major have worked out very well for my daughter.

And yes, US schools are generally better than UK schools except for Oxbridge.

Carrie Said:

US News Graduate School Rankings?

We Answered:

U.S. News doesn't rank every field of specialization every year. As best I can tell from the magazine's own site, it hasn't ranked Paleontology programs since 2006.

In my own field and vis-a-vis my own undergraduate and graduate alma maters, the rankings don't change much from year to year. The same schools end up in the top ten, perhaps switching places a bit, but not to any great extent.

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