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World University Ranking 2010

Brad Said:

WBS Msc Management program in 2010?

We Answered:

Hi You are mistaken with your point 2. Coventry is a large and lively city and Warwick Uni is in Coventry. Birmingham in a short hop by local train and London is only just over one hour away by train.

The Arts Centre at Warwick is the largest outside London with many events - and they have a prayer room.

Leon Said:

College ranking how come no one heard of.?

We Answered:

Most people have heard of it. It's not very well regarded. Top 200-300 really isn't great. But I'm glad you got a good job. You certainly don't need a top school for that.

Hector Said:

Why do people bash my Cal State school but they don't say anything bad about schools with the same ranking?

We Answered:

Ever notice that a lot of those bashers have their own degree (if they have one at all) from a tier 3 or tier 4 school? People with a top school degree don't usually bother themselves with such trivialities.

Part of it is the "if it's near here it can't be any good because I'm near here and I don't know anything" (also known as the 100 mile rule or the prophet in his own house) Only colleges that are far away can be any good - even if they aren't.

Then too, did you find any of the UC colleges ranked in tier 3 or 4? Many doing the comparing are comparing CSU to UC and their observations aren't incorrect.

Even if you graduate from the top ranked school (Harvard this year), someone out there thinks their school is better and yours is bad. In the end though - it rarely matters at all what that other person thinks, he probably isn't doing the hiring.

The real question is whether you learned anything and are now going to do anything with it.

James Said:

what are the best biotechnology universities in the world in the year 2010 ?

We Answered:

I cant give you a complete list and ranks - but I can give you what I think the best few are in order of how good they are:
Caltech (equal with MIT)
Harvey Mudd

Although not it the elite class (but still very good) I do like the 3 years masters programs at University Melbourne:…


Vincent Said:


We Answered:

i don't think you're supposed to use the word ordinal, i think you're supposed to use ordinal words.

1. who is the 43rd president of usa? of 13th september 2010 who is ranked third in the world?
3. who was first in the group?
4. who has secured a second rank in university exam?

Arthur Said:

Is University College London overrated?

We Answered:

What needs to be remembered is that these assessments are carried out by other academics of similar departments. And, having worked around them for years and years, I know that these assessors are all part of an 'old boys' club' who work on the basis of 'you wash my back and I wash yours' so...I'm always sceptical of these 'top 20 charts'.

That said though, a university, any university, is what *you* make of it. It's generally only snobbery that shapes what names make the lists.

Ted Said:

Does Baylor University have a good science program?

We Answered:

Both are very good.
Baylor gets an "A" rating from the ACTA Education Foundation for excellent attention to Education Fundamentals.
U of Iowa gets a "B"

I've corrected the school from U of Utah to U of Iowa. Both are rated "B". Thanks for Mike E for pointing out my error.

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