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World Universities Ranking

Milton Said:

Where to find Russian's universities ranking in the world?

We Answered:

Try at UNESCO sites

Clifton Said:

What is the Leicester University ranking in world universities? (Business school)?

We Answered:

The University of Leicester has been ranked joint first for teaching quality and student satisfaction for the second successive year amongst mainstream English universities.

Mattie Said:

What's a reliable link to find out the actual ranking of universities in the world?

We Answered:

in the us, US News and World report is the most common one.
you can check it out here-" rel="nofollow">http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreview…

as far as the world goes, its hard to say. it gets much more individualized and trickier. i mean think about it how can you decide if harvard or oxford is better? and honestly why is that important? most jobs are within one country, and with the ones that arent, people competing for a single job are usually from the same country because the global company is hiring through their US or UK or wherever office. rarely would someone from the US be trying to get a job with international applicants, and in the chance this is the case, then i think any ranking system of schools would be disregarded, as prior experience becomes more influential in the process.

Patricia Said:

Is Virginia International University a good one? what is its world ranking among universities?

We Answered:

no rubbish, study in uk

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