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Villanova University Online

Amber Said:

Which is better, a degree in IS/IT from an online school or a degree in IS/IT from a major program?

We Answered:

first, are you sure that online school is accredited or valid?
It will be better if that online school is a university.
you know there are universities who are doing that.
The best is the actual / major universities, physical interactions and person to person is still the best.,
online school wont beat the actual school.
online school is for those busy people who dont have time to go schooling.
mostly masteral people, but still it will be adviseable as much as possible if you can to go to acual schooling than on line.

oh yeah, it depends to the university you'll be applying for if they will credit your online school units.

Karen Said:

What should I do about school..? Please answer?

We Answered:

Yeah, school's a downer for many people... me included. Graduating in one semester, it couldn't come sooner.

I go to a small school, so because we don't have many students, we have poor class options. Because of this, we've got several online classes to chose from. I regret taking one, and so do many people at my school.
I know online classes and online schools are different, and I'm sure my school is just budget and we might just get really bad quality stuff, but it was a pain.
Technical difficulties are easy. We had to go in this live chatroom thing where everyone had to talk and participate, then we'd get placed in groups with people that live like five hours away through the chat thing... Teacher I had online didn't know a thing about computers... it just wasn't worth it for me.

If the online schools you're thinking of taking and especially if they're anything like a described, don't be afraid of buying good headphones+mic and be prepared for several difficulties.

However, that's my experience. From that one online class, I've learned that it wasn't my thing. I say just stick out high school for now.
If you feel that you'd be able to deal with online school - go for it! If you end up hating it, you could always go back to normal school, right?

Julian Said:

Villanova University Online?

We Answered:

You want to look for "accredited" programs over non-accredited ones.

If you are talking about attending online programs of this Villanova… then yes, companies would accept that (or should if they are going to accept any degree).

BUT, there have been some fly-by-night companies who have set up online colleges with official sounding names. Be careful.

To check, use a database like… which is from the U.S. Dept of Education

Louis Said:

Online masters cert? opinions?

We Answered:

any educational achievement helps.. especially if it will not specifically state it was from online, but at the same time, with a lot of universities, to help save operating costs and with a growing need for working parents to go back to school, cashing in on the internet programs, as well as straight internet colleges now, businesses are more accepting of accredited internet degrees. I say go for it, it cannot hinder you at all. Even with the added student loan burden, you are right noting that it will open you up to better, higher paying jobs where that will not be an issue

Chris Said:

What is the best school to take classes toward PMP certification?

We Answered:

You should try Devry/Keller's Graduate School of Management. They just received their accreditation from PMI. There are only 13 other schools with that accreditation. I just recently started the program and so far it's awesome!

Wallace Said:

Six Sigma Differences? Green, Lean, Black?

We Answered:

"Lean Six Sigma" is the waste-limiting process. A Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma has passed a training regimen and submitted project data to confirm that the principles of Lean Six Sigma have been grasped to the point of application. A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt has stepped up another training level with the requisite project results, and is considered qualified to train others in Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma is a combined discipline which involves identifying and eradicating waste, using the discipline of statistics to track the progress of waste elimination. The goal is to bring processes within six standard deviations of the mean.

Dawn Said:

Does Villanova University Offer Architecture As a Major?

We Answered:…

I saw no architecture grads....

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